Audio completely cuts (Direct TV + Bose Solo)


May 2, 2006
I have a very odd problem. We have a Direct TV Genie system and a mini receiver (not the main one) is connected to a Bose Solo 15 Series II directly with a digital coax cable. It's a very simple setup with a simple speaker. 99.99% of the time it works perfectly. However, when using the previous channel button (to swap between 2 channels) and going FROM recorded content (usually a movie) TO live content, the audio will completely cut out. Permanently. you need to restart the box to get the audio back. Switching from live to live never causes this and it NEVER happens randomly when just watching tv. Not once. ONLY when channel swapping.

This never happened before the Bose and when I disconnected the Bose and went back to straight HDMI from diecttv to TV and using TV speakers it does not happen. So it has something to do with the connection between the box and the bose, but on which end I'm not sure.

DirectTV suggested turning Dolby off, which I don't even want to bother with because I want Dolby on. They are sending a new receiver to see if that helps. Bose suggested restarting JUST the bose system next time it happens and see if the audio comes back, to see if the issue is on the Bose end. I haven't been able to try that yet.

Anyone have any idea what could be happening? It's super odd and frustrating.
The new DTV box might help if it's cutting out but I suspect the problem is with the Bose.
Seems to not relock on the digital audio when it is interrupted in just a certain way.
It might happen when the audio switches from Dolby to digital stereo in the source so do try turning the Dolby off. I don't thing the Bose uses Dolby anyway since they don't mention it in the specs so turning it off probably won't change the sound..
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