Question Audio CRACKS/POPS


Jan 25, 2019
Hi all,

i have problem with my asus xonar phoebus sound card.
It have DTS ULTRA PC II feature what i would like to use, but if i activate bass boost audio start cracks and pops. I tried different drivers, audio equipment and nothing help. When is boost activated LatencyMon show highest reported isr dxgkrnl.sys = directx graphics kernel and highest dpc ndis.sys = network driver interface specification.
My pc is custom MB- asus crosshair vi extreme, gpu- asus rog 1080, cpu amd ryzen r5 1600, ram G.SKill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 CL15, watter cooling by EK and case is raijintek paean,
But i tried this soundcard with different setups and in the different pci links and some years ago with windows 7 too. First setup was with win 7 and mb was asus crosshair v formula-z with 8320 amd fx second setup was on intel i5 with rog mb too and i tried second same soundcard on friend's pc he have msi mb with amd, nothing help, so i guess it is problem somewhere with software probably.
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