Audio Distortion/Audio Lag and Frame Rate Drops

Sep 30, 2018
I'm not entirely sure if it's a windows creators update issue or hardware issue but ever since april of this year I've been having really bad sound and fps issues, I get these crackling sound/distortion whenever I game or watch Netflix or any other videos. Also for the videos the audio becomes out of sync, it happens on Netflix and youtube. In order to instantly get synced back I just either forward the video a little bit or go into sounds and change the audio device from external speakers to monitor speakers and than back to external speakers and it's fixed ...for about 5 minutes than it goes out of sync.

As for the FPS drop, when I game it happens when I play a AAA game title and when it happens I get sound distortion and increase frame drops all at the same time. I tried everything, used DDU to reinstall the gpu drivers, changed out the hdmi cables and even did a full windows reinstall and nothing helped. I eventually gave up and just lived with it but then I got a new gpu which is a 1070 ti, when I installed it I was hoping my old gpu was the cause but after using the new one it still happened so it's not my gpu. I'm just wondering if it was the Windows 10 Fall creators update of this year that messed everything up.

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