Question Audio from left side is too quiet

Aug 5, 2020
I'm using ASUS TUF B450-Plus gaming motherboard and when I plugged my speaker to the rear jack, the sound only comes out from the right speaker.
I have clearly set the audio to be stereo and the balance of right and left speaker was set to 100 for both of it.
When I turn the left speaker balance to 0, I can clearly hear the sound from the right speaker. But when I turn the right speaker balance to 0 and make the left balance to 100, I couldn't hear the sound (when I place my ear onto the left speaker I can only hear small sound from it)
I change the speaker and try to use my headphone, and the problem still persist.

When I try the sound test from Control Panel → Sound → Right clicking the speaker → Test, both of the sound comes out from the right speaker only (I test it when the speaker balance both set to 100, left set to 0 right set to 100) and small sound comes from left speaker only when I set the balance for right speaker to 0 and left speaker to 100.
I have updated the audio drive to the latest one (By using manual update and auto update)
I have tried to uninstall and install the audio back.
I have tested both the speaker and the headphone with my laptop and there's no problem found from it, so i guess the problem not lies with my speaker or headphone.

Is there anything that I can try again to fix this thing? Or is this can already be categorized as hardware problem?
I have just recently buy the motherboard so I still have my guarantee to fix this, but it will be a problem for me not to have my computer for days as it will likely take time to fix this.
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