Audio hum/buzz with new surround sound setup


Apr 9, 2015
I just bought a surround sound system because my tv's speakers are going and they sound awful. After hooking them up, I get an outrageous hum. I've been trying to get rid of it, but I can't figure it out. The problem seems to be the connection from the system to the TV.
Things I have tried:
-Different audio cables (no difference)
-Unplugging everything from the TV and power outlet.
-Making sure the box was a good distance from the TV
Also for some reason, if I take the cable, and touch the tip to the outer casing of the audio port, the humming completely goes away. Obviously this would mean I would only get mono sound, but I thought this might be helpful in diagnosing what's actually going on. Also lowering the BASS level helps some. The TV is a 37'' LG (37lg30). The surround system is the iLive HT050B. Thanks for any help.


Apr 9, 2015
want to add that I have purchased a ground loop isolator and am using that as a temporary fix..the result is really quiet audio but not much of a buzz. still looking for solutions on this problem
sounds to me like you may have a ground loop problem.

have you tried plugging the home theater system in to a different power outlet than the one your tv and other equipment uses?

have you tested the home theater set with a different input device already to verify that its not originating with the tv?
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