Audio input/speaker switch?


Feb 6, 2015
I have a 5 speaker surround sound hooked directly to my SamsungTV. I would like to connect my stereo , so that it will play through the same speakers. What kind of switch do I need. I just want to be able to toggle back and forth from TV to Stereo. Thanks
If the speakers are connected directly to your TV then you are probably using the TV optical out.
If your receiver has an optical audio out (which some surround receivers do have) then you need an optical input selector like this
If your stereo is two channel then it would not have a way for you to connect 5.1 powered speakers to it.
You could take the record out of the receiver and connect it to an unused audio input on your TV and see if will send that to the speakers. Without video the TV may not let you do this.


Alternatively if you dont have a receiver, and only a TV with 5 speakers directly connected, then your only route to playing music from a stereo would be if the TV provides an 'audio in' on the connections panel; if this is a pair of RCA sockets then most likely you can take an output from your stereo directly over an RCA cable, using the TV as an amplifier.
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