Audio/Mic Combo Jack Major Issues


Feb 18, 2015
Just purchased a new Asus Q551L, this laptop is equipped with the 3.5 headphone/mic combo jack. I use my laptop to broadcast sound and video on ustream. I have a Condenser microphone that i am trying to connect. I have purchased the splitter that everyone is saying to go out and get. One side has a picture of a microphone and the other side is blank assuming its for the headphones. When i connect everything i can here my microphone in my playback device and in headphones clear as day but the mic sound does not register in the mic meter. Not only does it no register but it will not playback across the internet only in my headphones and output speakers. I have alot more issues but i figure lets take it one step at a time lol....Please Help!!!


Mar 17, 2015
I had read that you needed a 4-pole headset for the Asus combo audio jack. I had such a headset that worked on other devices but would not work on my Asus x200ma running 8.1 with updated drivers.

The ONLY external mic that I've been able to get to work on my Asus laptop has a stereo-type (3-pole) plug.

What kind of plug is on your condensor mic?

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