Audio on side side of headphones


Aug 23, 2015
So, today i turned on my pc and opened my browser, went to youtube and started a video. In the middle of that video the sound of my headphone slowly went to only one side (left ear). I first thought it was my headphones ofcourse, but then tried the sound with another pair of earphones and it had the same problem, only with this one, the sound was on the right side. So i thought it was my pc. I couldn't find anything wrong with the software also not with the hardware, so I decided to factory reset my pc (clean windows 10 install). Whilst resetting i tried my headphone and my earphones on my phone and tablet and was amazed to find out it had the exact same problem on those devices. When my pc whas done resetting I tried my brother's headphone and that worked fine.

So I whas wondering if it is my pc or it really is my headphones, dying at the exact same time, wich super unlikely!

thanks in advance!
if the good pair still works on both and the bad 2 pairs still do not work on both sources then that certainly points to two defective headphone as odd as that seems.

now, it certainly could be that the pc caused the issue in the headphones but that would certainly be an oddity and is generally due to overly loud volumes damaging the drivers (which you would have known about) so i'm hesitant to say its the pcs fault at all.

now that your pc appears to be working correctly, double check with the working pair of headphones and make sure there are no issues. next, test those working headphones in the portable device you tried.

then do the same two tests with the headphones you say were not working correctly. do you still have the same problem?

wiggle the jack or pull it out / push in slightly. does this change anything? try the front and rear jacks.

bend the wire around to check that its not a break and shorting out.

what could it be? hard to say without a redo of all the tests as well as a few more.

i'm thinking perhaps a damaged wire, jack, or plug. while two would certainly be coincidence, again its hard to say without doing some more testing on more devices to get a better feel for whats going on.


Aug 23, 2015

I did everything you said and the working pair just still work fine, but the ones that don't work, still don't work. I'm always very carefull with my stuff and couldn't not find any problems with the jack or the wiring on the headphones. Guess i'm gonna send them back to the store and hope for new ones.

(I appreciate your answer)
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