Audio seems really off... not sure what's wrong


Feb 10, 2016
A few months ago, I purchased a Plantronics Rig 500 headset for my PC. However, since it was the only good headset available within about 100km of me and I needed it by that weekend I was limited to buying the PS4 version of the headset in stead of the PC one. As a result, I have to run the cable through a splitter (Due to the all-in-one connector PS4s use).
It's been working fine since then, but I've been finding that the range of noise is insane, with things like music being barely audible and speech being incredibly loud, causing me to constantly have to change the volume. Is there anything I can do about this?

-I'm running the headset through the audio jacks at the front of my PC
-Being Mini-ITX, I have no room for a sound card

Thanks all!


i think he means the range of volume between things like voices, music and other things not electrical EMI noise r-1 although i could be mistaken.

while the headphone response curve indicates more bassy sound with reduced treble i'm not thinking that is the problem either.

i'm thinking the issue has to do more with your pc than the headset. double check your audio settings. turn virtual surround off, change your eq to flat, check volume mixer and set it and app volumes, change your game/program settings so that music is at the same level as voices and set it then do a a full test across different games, youtube, video files and music files to get a broad test in of performance.


Sep 8, 2015
Does the insanity happen on the rear audio ports?

the front audio ports on the case? have you tried sheilding the cable. strip of tinfoil wrapped around it covered with electrical tape. could be EMI from the proximity of the parts in the case. the smaller the case the closer the EM fields.
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