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Jul 16, 2015
Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on receivers/amplifier specifically. I have 2 mono speakers in the ceiling behind my couch and I plan to add a 3 channel sound bar and a subwoofer. I also have some speakers in other rooms around the house in looking to use mainly for audio purposes. Those include two mono speakers in the kitchen ceiling, a dual channel in the hallway ceiling, a dual channel in the bedroom and I plan on adding a dual channel in the bathroom ceiling.

I'm not too worried about the inputs, but what do I need to connect to all these speakers, use the wireless sound bar and subwoofer along with my built ins in a 5.1 setup while keeping the other speakers off?

Thanks so much!!
You could use a Sonos soundbar/sub/Connect amp for the surround system and additional Sonos Connect Amps for each zone of audio in the other rooms. The Denon Heos system might work for you too.
Otherwise you would need an AV receiver for the the 5.1 surround system and a passive LCR speaker (that looks like a soundbar) and sub.
Some AV receiver have 1 or 2 additional zones that you could use to run the music speakers but that might not be enough zones for you or have an app that makes it easy to use.
If you got a Denon or Marantz AV receiver (that have Heos built in) you could add Heos Amps to drive the other zones.
The Sonos or Heos apps make using the house music system easy and accesses a lot on music online and on local drives.
You would have separate control of the 5.1 and of each zone.
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