Question Audio stutter issue / audio service stops running

Dec 1, 2020
It's been a few days and I have some annoying sound issues. Sound is frequently stuttering, and sometimes sound service turns itself off. I've also noticed some visual stutter / freeze few seconds after an audio stutter.

It seems to have happened after I inadvertently unplugged my loudspeakers while they were still on.
Rear plug doesn't work anymore, but the front plug does, leading to the aformentionned issues.

I am not sure about how to check if there's hardware damage or if I can solve it on the software side.

If it is a hardware problem; does acquiring a sound card would solve my problem or should I replace my current motherboard (which is 6 years old) ?

Thank you kindly for your answers !
Dec 1, 2020
Oh my apologies I didn't understand your question. It is a desktop, a custom-made one.
I usually solve my problems on my own, but I have no clues about what is happening and I can't really find a proper solution online; thus my question here.
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