Audio system set up--banquet hall


Apr 5, 2015
Hello I want to dj my own wedding by purchasing a sound system that can perform well for a wedding of about 300 people. I would like to use music from my computer and would like to set up a cost and sound performing system that is the easiest and quality sound. I looked into dj systems for sale-some seem complicated.

I also wondered about setting up extra speakers throughout hall...not sure what to do, but I am determined to do a good job.
Unless you want to make DJing a hobby or occupation it would make more sense to rent a sound system. Give them the room size/layout. Let them design and set it up for you. Then you can plug in your laptop and have some fun with it at your wedding. Make sure to have some playlists set up so you can leave the system running when you are required elsewhere.
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