Audio Technica ATH M50X Home audio



Hi All,

Does this need a sound card, because currently i want to connect to the back panel, and i love listening music a lot, does a sound card makes any effect ?



the ath-m50x is easy to drive so no i would say you should be fine as far as powering them. most portables will even drive them well.

i have the ath-m50s which is the previous gen which is very similar minus the removable cables and they work fine on my desktop, laptop, amp, phone and my old phone.

the ath-m50 doesnt really benefit much from having a strong amplifier as it will sound similar to just using it on any normal power amplifier.

this leaves sound quality: if you notice any issues from using your onboard such as crackling, buzzing, ringing, distortion, low volume or other such issues then you might want to think about a soundcard to fix that. otherwise, onboard is fine

or, alternatively if you wanted virtual surround sound (for gaming) or access to an equalizer (without using one of the add-on 3rd party ones for windows itself) a soundcard can add those functions.

in short: not unless you find reason to need one. try onboard first.
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