Audio Wireless Networking frustration - anyway to link multiple wired & wireless speakers via a wifi hub/splitter?


Jan 18, 2016
Need advice please re: audio networking capabilities in terms of Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. Does anyone know if you can hook multiple separately manufactured devices via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so I could play my various Wi-Fi compatible speakers, both Sonos and Pioneer? Or even all my various Bluetooth speakers? I have a Pioneer VSX-1021K receiver with wired speakers plus a wifi adapter hooked up to it, but when I use an AirPlay type app, I can't connect multiple devices or multiple wireless speakers at a time. I wouldn't mind having to buy some type of additional accessories, like a wireless multi-port wifi hub/splitter (if something like that even exists). The goal is to play the same song from my smartphone to not just my Pioneer system and its wired speakers, but simultaneously with multiple wifi speakers (not only Sonos) and/or Bluetooth speakers. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!! So frustrating to have a bunch of miscellaneous wireless speakers but can only play thru one at a time. Is there no way to have them all simultaneously connected?
Bluetooth is not really multi-room friendly since you can't pair devices correctly to my knowledge and control would be difficult.
Since you already have Sonos the siimple solution is to use 1 Sonos Connect on the Pioneer (for the wired speakers) and replace your other speakers with Sonos Play speakers.
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