Audiophile+mic vs gaming headset



To go along with my new vg278he monitor I decided to replace my old turtle beach headphones with a new set.

With the introduction of the astro a40 2013 edition and the astro a50s as well as a load of other gaming grade headsets, I have no idea what to buy. Apparently senheiser pc 360s with a mix amp(I think my essence stx audio card will do) are a great combo also.

From experience I know that designated audiophile headphones are usually better in sound but lack alot of the features gaming headphones have. Should I buy a pair of very good audiophile headphones and attach a nice mic OR buy one of the gaming headsets?


Jan 6, 2013

I reasonly just bought a Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming headset and love it. The sound is really amazing and mic is really clear. After a full charge the headset should last at least 10 hours before u have to charge again and u can charge while using it to. The only downfall i found from it was that if ur only using the mic and not using it as a listening device then it would shut off by itself for battery purpose but i found a way around it which is to activate it calibration preview where everything u say will be repeat in the headset and since ur not using the headset it doesn't really matter and it shouldn't turn off on u. i use the gaming headset but sometime i just want to use the mic and not the headphone on it so i just have it around my neck and activate the calibration preview and so it wont turn off and u won't hear it either as long as u don't have it directly on ur ears. Did i also mention it has 7.1 surround sound.
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