Autocad 2014 save/save as problem


Oct 22, 2013
Hi guys, can anyone help, please, each time I try to save the drawing file on Autocad 2014 this pops up, hate it , want old crtl+s or just old human save/save as functionality back. cheers


Apr 7, 2012

That's an odd one, and I've never seen that kind of display that is similar to dynamic entry > for example, drawing a line and then entering the length and then TAB to set the angle .

Using AutoCad 2013 I was not able to replicate the results you posted when trying to save in AutoCad 2014. As I use customized templates I tried a more generic approach>

1. Started 2013,
2. Selected standard template, "acad dwg"
3. Drew a random rectangle, text, and dimension
4. CNTR > S
5. Displayed a box > "Save Drawing As" and listing default file folders in "My Documents" and a title entry line.

I would then navigate to the folder of choice and save to that location.

Saving the Test DWG , thereafter CNTR S displays "_qsave" (Quicksave) in the Command Line.

You might review View > Options > Open and Save and also your selected options / settings for entering information. Also, just to try it in case your results are template-related, try a number of test drawings using different templates. Also, look into the settings for Dynamic entry, which I believe are template-related. When I first started using 2013 (changed from 2007 in 2013), the standard "acad dwg" template drove me mad as it required entering two points for OFFSET instead of simply entering a distance for offset. I have eventually made my own templates for every kind of drawing- architectural and engineering, 2D and 3D, and even with different ones for different scales drawings with special dimension styles.

If you are still having the problem, let me know and I'll look again, but next time, on AutoCad 2014 in case there is a difference in the default settings and / or templates.

As AutoCad becomes ever more capable, it also seems to become more frustrating in it's ability to present frustrations derived from (my laziness) in making the 500 setup decisions. I started with R10 DOS and enjoyed R14 -1998- most of all. Also, I think R14 cost about $600,..



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