Solved! aux jacks are different sizes

Nov 2, 2018
I have an Emerson TV, the AUX hole is smaller than the AUX hole on Samsung Sound Bar. The sound bar has one jack for optical and one jack for AUX. THE TV has yellow Aux and headset but an AUX cable will not work, because the TV requires a smaller end plug or jack. I have no idea on what to do to use my Soundbar with my TV. It works BT just fine. What, oh what, shall I do?



Is this "AUX hole" on the TV an audio output? Especially on an Emerson TV, I don't see it having an aux output, you are probably confusing the inputs on the TV for outputs. As above, a yellow AUX would be a video input used for older devices like VCRs, DVD players.
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