AV Receiver keeps shutting off with new Samsung tv


Mar 15, 2017
I have Yamaha Natural sound AV Receiver HTR-3066 with five channel Bose speakers.
For a few years, I have had it hooked up to my Panasonic Plasma (with HDMI from cable box into AV receiver and then AV receiver output to tv) with no issues

I got a new Samsung smart tv and have run into problems.
I have the same hook up using HDMI Arc for Samsung
When there is a drop in signal such as turning the channel, the receiver shuts down. It will then click back on and then keep shutting off. Obviously tv signal is gone with the receiver shut down.
I have to turn the tv off and wait for the receiver to reset itself.
When I switch to HDMI2 on receiver (for Roku) same thing happens.

Any idea what's going on here? How can I get the Samsung tv to work with Yahama receiver
When I rehook up the Panasonic Plasma tv with receiver- no problems.
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