Solved! av receiver sound not working

Aug 21, 2019
Hello Guys,

im having a problem getting the sound going with my onkyo av receiver tx sr 576.

Im having the receiver connected with an optical cable to my computer.
The receiver settings are set to cd through optical 2 input. It worked before but stopped working without any to me known reason.
Im not very knowledgeable with these things and dont know what else i could describe to you. I had a look in the receiver manual but couldnt figure it out!

Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers Michael
Check that the optical output of the computer is turned on and working. You should be able to see an indication of this in the audio control panel.
Check that optical 2 is still assigned to CD in the receiver input set up menu.
AVRs are enough like computers that either will change settings for no good reason.
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