AVCHD clip names out of order?


Jul 14, 2012
Hello, hoping someone can help me here. I'm just trying to solve a work dilemma.

Sometimes we noticed our AVCHD camcorder (mostly sony) clips are named out of order. For example, clip "0005" is actually the very first clip of the day and clips 0001-0004 and 0006 and on are all after clip 0005.

Does anyone know what might cause the naming structure to act like this?
All depends on your camera, some will reuse names as soon as they are available, so if you record 1-4 a day before and then shoot 5 and delete 1-4, the order will be messed up.

Anyway, you should consider using a proper file management program (something that works like Lightroom for video, though lightroom certainly can handle avchd) so you can automatically rename files based on time and date, as well as put them into the proper folders by date or tags.