Review Aventon Soltera.2 review

Aug 9, 2023
Much as I appreciate any e-bike that doesn't have a fork designed for off road control (not comfort), this is a rolling mistake, front to rear. I even like the more aero riding position and could live with the racing geometry. Straight gauge aluminum is heavy, buzzy and dull handling. Square tubing rides rough as a cob and magnifies buzz. Like all e-bikes, the marketed range is under ideal circumstances and rider weight. Forget to charge just one night after work and you will have severe range anxiety.

Those are not DOT approved turn signals. A great idea and a super addition to hand signals, but may be a lawsuit waiting to happen. If used instead of hand signals, a motorist could be let off scott free for their reckless driving.

I certainly do not recommend doing so, but you can buy a kit to duplicate this performance for under $500. Obviously, you would not pay even $500 for the remaining bike, if you were in the market for a traditional bike.

I wish mfg's would stop adding gadgets and just build a better e-bike. We haven't used straight gsuge aluminum on quality traditional bikes since the early 90's. Never ha e we used Square tubing. Spring forks went out at about the same time (if you need a front suspension for comfort, you need a rear). Anything that makes a traditional bike less efficient or capable makes an e-bike the same.