AVG Antivirus 2014 Review

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Sep 9, 2017
AVG Ultimate is the first bad experience antiviral software I've ever experienced in over 25 years of desktop computers. It's a money pit which needs costly technical support when something go wrong with it. I had been using McAfee before AVG and there was a special discounted price on AVG so I thought I would try it.

Installation was complicated. I installed Windows 10 when it first came available on top of Windows 7. I've had no problems with any software. But AVG failed to install. So I called their tech support which informed me that I would have to pay over $50 for them to "fix" my computer by uninstalling all the hidden antiviral software entries in the Windows Registry. Then the software did install.

Features such as finding my misplaced cellphone did not work in AVG as well as it did in McAfee. When my cellphone was stolen once, McAfee sent pictures of the thief and location updates showing me minute by minute where the cellphone location changed as well as the charge on the battery. AVG is unable most of the time to show the cellphone's location and no pictures or battery charge.

Recently the AVG software started complaining of missing updates. I saw in the AVG blog that others was having this same issue. The advice was to use a repair feature in Control Panel's Programs and Features. It didn't solve the problem. So I called their tech support which took command of my computer and located an old entry for Avast which I had removed years ago. Apparently when their Tech Support was doing that repair job to install AVG, they missed this entry. I was told it would take about 2 hours to fix and I would only have to pay $39.95 for them to fix it.

I told them "no" and that I'm returning to McAfee which works as great as ever: No install complications or setup issues to solve. I'm currently working with PayPal to get a refund on this AVG disaster.
Not open for further replies.
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