Azur 651a Amp/DAC not giving directional sound.


Mar 26, 2016
Hi guys. I'm using an Azur 651a AMP/DAC from Cambridge with beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250 Ohm headphones. They are connected to my PC with a USB cable. My pc is an Alienwate Aurora from 2009

I use the combo for gaming, which is what I'm in to. The combo does unfortunatly not give me any directional audio (If someone makes a noice to the left of me, it's just as loud to right of me).

When I try to configure speakers and make the sound test, it doesn't play sounds from left and then right, but instead just 2 times the same noice. It also only gives me to option of stereo and mono.

I can plug the headset into a jackstick in the PC and it will play the test perfectly (only sound in left and then only in the right)
I hope somone can help me figure out how I can get directional audio or surround sound, what ever it's called. I want that sound-wallhack-like sound that is so needed for Counter strike: Global offensive

Please write if you need more information and I will happily provide any screenshot needed