Solved! Bad sound signal to JBL LSR305p's

Jan 18, 2019
I have set up my two JBL lsr305p's to my computer, but the audio signal is very bad with a lot of crackling.
I don't think there's anything wrong with my speakers, since i just bought them new, and my headphones seem to work fine with my motherboard, so I thibk it's something about my cables.

My cables:

So I now know that I could've just bought something like this
but I don't know why my current set-up doesn't work. It's a 3.5 mm male stereo jack to 2x 3.5 mm female jacks - a 3.5 mm jack in one end and a 6.35 mm jack in the other end (one for each speaker).


The speakers are set for a balanced input, read this

Then do a web search for "convert unbalanced to balanced" to see what you need to fix this, or contact JBL and see what they suggest for their product.
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