Bare minimum for home theatre speakers


Jan 13, 2017
Hello, I haven't bought speakers in a long time and I was wondering how much it would cost at the very least for a home theatre setup. I think I spent $300 around 10 years ago and got 5 speakers + sub woofer, but they are all dying. I imagine the main difference with products available now is Wifi/bluetooth support. What do you recommend?

edit; I didn't realize the ask the community widget on the sidebar would post it to the sub I was currently in. Can a mod move it?



I wouldn't put a 'level' on it, other than to say it will shake the entire house. And sound good doing it.

But in true audiophile terms..."high end" starts at 5
"setup..." am still waiting to hear where the other main piece of this setup, the amp/receiver.

I have never have speakers die on me, lucky? Got 20+ years old speakers sitting around and the only reason they are not being used because there are prettier ones in town. :)
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