Question Bass Sensitive Gaming Speaker Suggestions

Jun 13, 2021
As the title suggests, I'm bass sensitive. Meaning that I get pretty sick consistently when it comes to "feeling" bass sounds. Like, I'm calling out of work because my face is stuck in my toilet and my vision is blurred from the migraines for 3-5 hours because I felt strong bass for 3-5 minutes kind of sick.

But I'm looking to get my first sound system for my Gaming PC and XBox One Console since my Monitor's speakers are very quiet even when the volume is maxxed out. As in, I have to put my ear to the screen to hear any kind of in-game/movie whispering when it's at max volume. I've been using some high-quality headphones, but I'd prefer that they weren't my go-to except when I want to use the microphone since they're pretty bulky and mess with my hair way too much. But with everything that I'm looking up and finding online, nearly everything with 3D surround has a subwoofer or is making a huge deal about their bass being amazing, and talking about all these highs, lows, and mids for bass, which I really don't understand.

Generally speaking, I would use it for game audio and for watching shows and movies, since that's the main purpose of my two systems. Though I'm not sure if that actually matters when looking for suggestions, I figured better safe to mention it now so I don't have to later.

Ideally, I have 7 criteria that I'm looking at, 5 of which are potential deal breakers if not met. I'll put a (DB) after each one that I consider a Deal Breaker if it doesn't meet the criteria. Here's the list in order of more important to least important.
  1. I don't want to "feel" the bass too much, because if I do, I'll likely get sick. (DB)
  2. The price shouldn't be too much higher than $200 since that's the soft cap of what I can afford. (DB)
  3. The speakers would have 3D surround sound, so that I can easily tell which direction I'm being attacked from in games. (DB)
  4. It doesn't give off a constant whine or hum when idling or not in use, as I get enough noise from my High-End PC and air conditioner as is. (DB)
  5. It has to be able to have a wired connection for at least 2 devices, my computer and my XBOne console. (DB)
  6. I live in an apartment complex and have pets, so it probably shouldn't be too loud when I turn it down.
  7. I don't like RBG lighting, so they if they have them, I'd prefer if there was a way to turn them off or disable them.
I'm not really too knowledgeable when it comes to acoustics, and honestly, what that I've listed here is everything I really care about. I don't care if it's THX certified, or if it's a 1, 3 or 5 piece setup. I don't care if it's a small tiny bar or a bunch of boxes big enough to sit on. So long as the

So what would you guys suggest since I can't really find anything online?


3D surround is done through virtual effects on the sound card, it does not come from the speakers, any decent speaker will reproduce directional sounds well enough. Headphones are much better for that though.

Creative Gigaworks are good for the size and have an aux in for a second input

Edifier R1700BTs are larger but would sound better, also have bluetooth and dual line inputs for two connections. They should not make much noise when not in use.

Edifier R1850DB is a higher end version with optical input also.

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