Battery "connected but not charging" after temperature spike

Feb 11, 2018
My laptop (Avell B155 Fire V3) was accidentally transported while turned on. After noticing it was still on in the backpack it was immediately powered off (it was working "normally" from the battery at the time). About 20 minutes later when turned on again the battery icon was empty and it shows the massage "connected, not charging".

I don't think the battery is dead because it was working normally before turning it off. What might be the problem?

(sorry for the bad english, ask for any clarifications if you need)


Shut down the system, take out the battery, hold in the power button for 30 seconds. Without the battery in the system turn it on using wall power only. Plug in the battery once the system is on, does it detect and charge it then? if not, try another battery.
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