Battery shows charging but it does not charge

Iris Bluerock

Dec 30, 2014
Hi !
Firstly I have to mention my laptop is Asus and I have Windows 10 on it.
My battery is almost new. I bought it 4 months ago and it's not original, but compatible. I don't live in the same country I purchased it from so the warranty is useless.
1 month after I bought it and left my country I noticed an issue that occured 1 or 2 more times. The battery was 0% and flashing red but I don't remember whether it was plugged in charging or not charging. I always could solve the issue by taking the battery out and holding the power button 10 seconds and then put the battery back.
Even with this issue it was fine until 3 days ago when it stopped charging and I couldn't solve the issue anymore. Although the light is red and still and it says 21% plugged in,charging, it doesn't charge anything. Yesterday it was 20%. For whatever reason it could charge 1% more this morning. It seems strange to me because everything seems to work normal. When I had to change the battery I knew it was going to die almost 1 year before I actually changed it. And it wasn't even dead when I changed it. But I knew it was too old because the light was flashing red sometimes or it said plugged in,not charging or it couldn't charge too much. And even windows was warning me I need to replace it.
The night before this battery stopped working properly I think it was flashing. I am not sure because I was tired and I didn't bother take a look. I just put in on sleep. I usually keep my laptop on sleep but not plugged unless I need to charge the battery. Now if I put it on sleep and unplug the adapter my laptop shuts down in half a second.
So far I tried to take the battery out and hold the power button 10 seconds but it didn't work.
What could be the problem and how can I solve it?

Are you still using the original AC adapter of your laptop?
- Start by testing your AC adapter if it's supplying the recommended voltage to charge or power the laptop or if you have another AC adapter that has the same voltage see if that would work.
- Another test you can do is to remove the battery off the laptop and boot it up without it and see if it load Windows normally.
- If it will boot up normally without the battery that means you found your suspect being the battery faulty already.
- But if it doesn't boot up that means it's the AC adapter that is faulty.
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