Battlefield 3


Apr 18, 2011

Why are you posting stuff like this? It is useless.

OP: Veteran guns ( the 1911 in BF3) comes from owning previous battlefield games and registering them all on the same veteran site. It's a little clumsy but if you own Bad Company 2 and Vietnam for instance, you can use those in addition to the free Battlefield game and the free BF2 demo, and that will be enough to get you veteran status. With BF3 included, you can actually forego the BF2 demo I believe.

Just so that you are aware, the 1911 is a fun gun but it is NOT superior to the glock18 nor the 443 grach. It's got decent power and I use it sometimes, but don't expect to be going through all this trouble to unlock a godmode weapon.

Hope this helped.