Behringer XENYX X1622USB Mixer questions, including speakers/monitors


Mar 14, 2013
My best friend is going to be having a wedding in August, I am doing the music for the wedding. Music is a big part of our lives and this is the most important part to the wedding.

What I am wanting to do is hookup multiple speakers to my mixer, Behringer XENYX X1622USB, and surround the dance floor with them.

What I want to do is maybe hookup 4+ monitors to this mixer.

So it would go like this.....

Laptop > Mixer > 4+ Monitors (Prefer 6) and having ALL speakers playing the music I am playing on the laptop.

Here is some information on the mixer:

The Mixer (TOP)

The Mixer (BACK)

Now, I see the Main Outputs and there is a L and a R, but is it possible to maybe use those for 2 monitors, then 2 more monitors on the AUX, or RCA outputs, or anything else? I am just trying to figure out what's possible.

Or maybe hook a receiver up to the mixer (to where? where would the receiver plug to?) then some speakers into the receiver.

I can get all the speakers and such for free for rental. I would greatly appreciate anyones help on this!


Apr 2, 2013
Hi Checkmeout!

With the X1622USB this is possible. As the mixer features no power amp for these speakers, you will either need to use powered active speakers which feature a built-in amp (such as the Behringer B812NEO), or passive speakers together with an external amplifier.

You may connect two speakers to the MAIN OUTPUTS L and R, either on the back (XLR) OR the top (1/4" jack) of the unit.

You may connect another two to SUB OUTPUTS 1 and 2 by pressing the SUB buttons in addition to the MAIN buttons on the channels the laptop is connected to - just make sure the L R buttons above the SUB faders are NOT pushed in, otherwise you will be routing the signal to the main mix twice.

You may connect an additional two to the CONTROL ROOM OUT L and R, by pressing the MAIN MIX button in the SOURCE section and opening the PHONES/CTRL ROOM volume knob.

If you really wanted to you could connect an additional two to the AUX SENDS 1 and 2 outputs by opening the AUX knobs on the laptop channels - Although you might want to instead use the internal FX AUX for the internal FX unit - Karaoke, anyone?!

Product Page:

Kind Regards,
Fiona Hammond
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