Best 1500€ Gaming laptop

Feb 17, 2015
So. I have 1500€ to spend and I want a gaming laptop. I have some requirements:
- Atleast 1Tb of 7200rpm and 256GB SSD
- Keyboard backlighting
- Full HD screen
- 16gb of DDR3 ram
- Under 3 kg if possible (relatively light)
- 1500€ or a little over (can be under as well)
- Nvidia graphics card
- Intel Core i7
- 3-4 USB ports (mostly USB 3.0 if possible)
- 17"
- A web cam
- Has a good battery life (6 hours or more if possible)


I don't know what country you're in but this is something you should look for.

Now that works out to 1123 GBP which would convert to be about 1518 Euro.

MSI's GS series are what I would recommend for the best bang for buck, thin/light laptop with nvidia graphics. Another decent one would be Acer Inspire Gaming series doesn't do too bad.
ASUS while I do favour are much thicker/heavier machines but rarely have heat issues.
Feb 17, 2015

Actually, that was already one of my options XD. I just wanna explore all the other possibilites