Question Best 4K Camcorders for Filming sporting events?

Oct 30, 2019
I am a college lacrosse coach and our program is looking to upgrade to a new camcorder to record our games. We have some rules that we have to abide by for our league's filming requirements (HD, resolution has to be a minimum of 720p, and a few other things).

We currently are using a Vixia HF G40 and are having an issue with the zoom rocker zooming out on its own. This is not a 4K camera but for the new one my boss wants 4K.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as cameras I should look at? I have looked at a few professional cameras but they might be too much for what we need (not cost just bells and whistles). I have also looked at the Canon Vixia HF G60 (has the same zoom rocker as what we have), the SONY FDR-AX53 (have seen reviews where the camera stopped recording in 4K), SONY FDR-AX700 (same issue as the AX-53).

We use the camera daily to record practices as well as our games. Ideally I am also looking for something that I can easily upload the files to a computer/online video host.

Thank you for your help!!