Best budget camcorder for getting started on Youtube


Jan 19, 2015
I am interested in video production and filming (although I have very little experience), and I thought that Youtube could be a good way to learn how to do it a bit. I have all of the audio and lighting worked out, I just need to figure out the camera. I want to keep the camera around $200 including a tripod and SD card. I was wondering what would be the best option is. Also, should I get a 1080p camcorder, or is 720p good enough? I looked at the Sony Handycam with accessories for about $240, but that is a bit out of my budget. I also looked at the Samsung F90, but it is only 720p and I am not sure if that is likely to be a problem. Like I said, I am inexperienced with this stuff. An external mic port is a bonus, but all my mics are XLR, so they probably would not work.
USAFRet is right. You can find some good used equipment at B&H Photo & Video (be sure to shop the Used Dept.). Though some do record in full HD I didn't find any with a microphone jack in that price range. The key is to find something you are comfortable learning with and get a lot of practice shooting and editing. As has already been mentioned the most important piece of equipment is the person behind the camera.

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