Best budget gaming latop for 2016


May 13, 2016
Hmm.. For Budget.. I know your budget is 1500 but consider this.. (i always recommend gaming pc instead expensive laptop)

Note.. This is laptop that i recommend for last month (don't know if there is Possibly better deal next month maybe gtx 965 will become same price as gtx 960m and using vram 4gb. Because in my country there is local gaming company that for next month (Pre Order) have the gtx 965m 4gb for the same price like the gtx 960m

1. If you want to play high intensity graphic game (like witcher 3) medium setting at the lowest cost.. Maybe you should buy laptop that have Nvidia gtx 960m (In my opinion and survey) it is the minimum graphic spec for gaming laptop. And the cheapest. The graphic card is fast for now. It can handle many games but in some super modern games you need to low the graphic setting (medium or low).. (You should check gtx 960m performance)

2. The best laptop (And cheap enough for gaming) in my review.. all of them using Nvidia gtx 960m 4gb ddr5 and i7 skylake

a. Acer V nitro 592g black edition. It has good speaker and display.. But the battery is not good. But the advantage is it has Thunderbolt 3 port..

b. Lenovo y700. It has all metal cover(premium fell). The speaker is very good but lack of port (There is no USB type C) The battery is average for gaming laptop.

c. Asus gl552 vw CN version(4gb of ram) not DH version (2gb of vram) there are two option (plastic panel or metal) choose the metal for better build quality.. It has very good display. The speaker is good.There is usb type C. Honestly this is a very good laptop.. The negative is. It doesn't have a premium feel but the built quality is good and doesn't have a Thunderbolt 3 for future advantage..

d. Dell 7559. It has a very good battery life it cost 700-800 usd for the i5 version but if you give 100bucks more it will have i7.. The speaker is good. But the display and keyboard doesn't feel very good.. But overall build quality is good..

And My recommendation (If you want to buy a laptop) if you have 1500 bucks i think the most reasonable is choose a laptop that use Nvidia gtx 970m (brand like Asus,Msi for the price).. Because it has 60 percent more power than 960m.. And why gtx 970m?Because the gtx 980m is too expensive and gtx 960m is lower up to 60 percent. (if the price same choose the 6gb version instead of 3gb but it's almost same in performance)

My real recommendation is, if you don't need the laptop now and you have a good gaming PC (Note:half the price of gaming laptop and faster) i think you should wait.. Maybe next month or end of this year there is another laptop that the price is same as now and higher spec + Thunderbolt 3 technology. And some note next year i think there will be eGPU support for all of laptop that have Thunderbolt 3 technology.

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