Best desktop component laptop for £1000


Mar 10, 2014

I have a budget of £1000 or just over depending if it is worth the extra and need a laptop with desktop components inside it such as a desktop GPU like GTX980 etc..

Screensize: Looking for 17 inch screen as I like watching movies on a big screen

CPU - I7 or better if there is any thing better than I7

GPU - GTX 980 - Something I can game with on most games set at high settings

Storage - NEEDS to have a SSD for the fast performance as well as another storage component like hard drive or another SSD to store data. 1 big SSD will be fine too - 500GB at least

Battery life - Not concerned as I can just plug in the power adapter whenever it is needed..

I need to use it for University work and being in IT, I will be using software such as Photoshop, Visual Studio, Office etc.. but I would like it to be fast too because I game a lot as well and it would be nice if it could handle games like GTA IV, COD, Gears of War etc.

Please get back to me! :)

Thank You.


Oct 8, 2016
There is no laptop with desktop gtx 980 that is even close to your price range. you ll have to go with something like gtx 970m for you budget. if you can spend 1.4k then you can get the MSI GE72VR with desktop gtx 1060, i7 6700HQ, 17.3 fhd screen and an ssd. You ll be able to run every modern game with high quality and framerate.

However think again if you really need the mobility so much. You can get a much faster desktop with the same money. Gaming laptops get too hot and noisy