Best earbuds for a low price?


Oct 23, 2013
I've been using the TDK Mc300's for the past year going through a few pairs, probably three or so. They cost about $20 and sound nice to me. Can anybody tell me a pair they recommend? I'm looking for a pair that won't short out within a week and will sound nice. Prices $0-$30
for $9.99 i've always liked the gummy brand since i can replace them every few months once they start getting gunky (like all in ear headphones do). they arent audiophile quality but work great for the gym or when on a bus or the like. if you plan on sitting still in one place you might want some on-ears instead.

while a bit uncomfortable the ipod headphones actually arent all that bad and sound reasonably good for the price.

you might want to look into sennheiser.. they are a pretty decent brand as well.
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