Best earphones under 150?


Jul 5, 2014
Hello people, I have been researching extensively on the earphone I want to buy. I currently have the JVC HAFX1X and was looking into these; Bose ie2, Bose sie2, Bose Soundtrue, Sony XBAH1, Etymotic research HF5, Shure se215, Soundmagic e10s, RHA MA750, and finally the Vsonic GR07. I'm very sorry for flooding you with so many option, just wondering which would be the best one. I listen to a lot of trap, hip hop, pop, and also listen to some classical and instrumental music.

Tommy Shiels

Dec 31, 2014
I believe Shure and AKG are one of the best Audio manufacturers. Alongside Bose, Seinheisser and JVC. Heres a few tips to look out for when choosing Speakers/Heaphones.

Frequency response - Considering the human ear can only hear between 20HZ and 20KHZ, you're looking for a product that can closely match this range of Frequencies.

Sensitvity - dB stands for Decibels. This how we measure the volume of sound. The pain threshold is 140dB. The closer they are to this mark the louder the headphones will be.

Driver - The driver is the actual speaker inside the headphones. The wider/bigger the driver the better the bass (low frequencies) can project from the driver (this will be ideal for electronic genres including trap and hip-hop). Also what the driver is made out of is also important as the more flexible the driver is the more it can push out sound with better clarity.

Noise cancellations - This can help with 'on the go' headphones when you're in noisy places. Also they can be very comfortable as the material they use is similar to memory foam (none of them can cancel out sound completely) Also some manufacturers like AKG now have a technology that emits an adaptive tone to cancel out frequencies that are picked up from the environment you're in before reaching your ear.

Do not fall for headphones that advertise High-Definition Audio. This is a gimmick. This brings me on to the next point. If you want to get the best sound out of your headphones, make sure the audio files are of high quality. WAVs, WMAs, AIFFs are just some of the industry standard formats used in production (this is true high definition), refrain from using MP3s or M4As. These are compressed or stripped down to help with space saving but take away quality of the audio.

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