Best gaming headphones


Apr 30, 2015
Hi, i have been looking for the best gaming headphones for $300 and got the astro a50's but don't like them since they don't fit my head to well. So is there a gaming headset better then the a50's that works with xbox one and pc (microphone compatability optional)?


Aug 6, 2015
Sennheiser G4ME Headset.

They have massive cans that can fit even the biggest of ears. Super soft memory form with the softest leather you will ever feel (for the closed back ones).

Audio is superb with deep, booming bass with clear mids and sharp highs. Only downside is the 150 ohm impedance, so you have to make sure you have the power to drive them. I personally use the Creative Soundblaster External Omni 5.1 sound card because I don't have room in my PC for a PCI-E sound card, and it was the cheapest sound card I could find with an amp and the ability to hook up BOTH my speakers AND my headset without having to swap out cables all the time.

The mic on the G4ME is one of the best. Most gaming headsets skimp on the mics sometimes, but're going to get the best. Clear pick up of your voice. I game with a window AC unit AND a fan in my room. With both of them on and blowing and making one in my teamspeak can hear it because the mic is so good at noise cancelling.

JayzTwoCents and Barnacles Nerdgasm both made review on YouTube. Check them out.
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