best gaming headset


May 1, 2014
Im searching for best headset for gaming and i dont know which to buy. Money doesnt metter. (The headset doesnt need to be a gaming, i heared that ad700x are very good for gaming but arent made for it). I would use the headset for games like cod or bf4 where u need to hear good footsteps. This are some headsets i found and i think they would ne good: astro a40, ad700x, g4me zero, ath ag1. So if u know a great headset for me tell me. Thanks (pleas dont tell me something like razer.....)


Nov 11, 2014
Stay away from Astro headsets. I bought the Astro A40s with the Mixamp and was very disappointed. The Mixamp itself was useless. It comes with a large volume knob which is useless because you can change volume in game easily and it's mix knob which doesn't mix and acts as a second, smaller, and more sad volume knob. The headphones them self are very heavy and I found them to hurt after 2-3 hour gaming sessions. The mic sounds like a potato drowning which frustrated me and an those who had to hear it. The sound quality on the headphones is actually quite good, but is really the only decent feature the A40s have.

tl;dr- Meh headset, terrible mic, useless Mixamp, and not worth the money.
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