Best headphone? Lenovo G510


Oct 4, 2014

I am planning to buy a Lenovo G510 //i7-4700mq 2.4ghz , 6m , 8gb ram , 1TB + 8gb ssd ,15.6 AMD Radeon R7 M265 2gb// and I was wondering about if it will support and give true, good sound through a headphone that has a 3.5mm jack or it will give better sound with a headset that has usb connector?
I plan to buy one of these headsets(you can help me decide which one to choose):

Thanks a lot in advance!
A USB headset will give you a bit more control over the sound if you get a good one, which looks like you are.

It's pretty tough to find a bad headphone / speaker setup on a new computer, the vast majority have good sound with many options for shaping.


Well I had the Razer Kraken 7.1, i dont mean sound exactly, there was always a buzzing sound in the background which ruined what you were listening to, unless it was on high volume.