Best Headphone under $150???

Aug 6, 2018
I am looking for a great quality headphone under $150. I will be using them for mostly music or listening sessions while reading books. It should also preferably be something for on the go use (non-portable options are fine too). I listen to anything except rap and hip hop. Also, the headphone should be able to fit my head and ears, since they are extra big. My earlobe to earlobe across the top of my head is 19 inches and my ears are roughly 3.2 inches. I already own the AD900X from audio technica, the bose QC25 (gift from my parents) and the sennheiser momentums in-ear.
Here are my choices so far:
Hifiman HE-350
Sennheiser HD 58X
Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS
Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear
Sennheiser HD598 cs
beyerdynamic DT 770
Skullcandy Crusher
Sony MDR7506


May 12, 2015
Anything from Sennheiser/HifiMan/Beyerdynamic will be an excellent fit for you. Just note that if you don't own an AMP/DAC (I assume you would with all those good headphones), you will want to be careful when it comes to impedance. Sound is a very subjective thing. If possible, I'd look into trying them out in a local store before you buy. Otherwise, the DT 770's and the 58X's would be what I'd be eyeing, personally.
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