Best headset for FPS gaming with a budget of $110


Jan 5, 2014
Recently, my Turtle Beach X12 broke and I have been looking to buy a headset ever since than.
My budget is 110 dollars, basically im looking for a headset that has good audio (preferably 7.1) and a mic (and again a good mic).
I was thinking of a Razer Kraken 7.1 but I came here for more options :)
I mainly play CSGO, so a good 7.1 will help me in it but occasionally I play BF3 and some BO2.


does your onboard soundcard have dolby headphone or virtual surround support? if so pick up the hd518 and a boom mic like the moovmic or modmic. if it doesnt, perhaps use the xonar dg soundcard with them. virtual surround support would give you 5.1/7.1 on any stereo headphone and headphones are going to be superior to gaming headsets in terms of audio quality.

if you want an all in one, perhaps the hyperxcloud or hyperxcloud2
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