Best laptop for general use around $650/£400


Apr 15, 2011
Hi all,

I know extremely little about laptops so I would be very appreciative if someone with some knowledge could help me buy something that isn't just a piece of rubbish!

I'm looking for a laptop for general usage: primarily word processing, using the internet and watching videos online. I'm not interested in gaming on it but some power so that it doesn't grind down to a halt in later years would be great. Somewhere vaguely in the region of $400 / $650 would be excellent. It will be used at home and be taken to university so something that's an average size, average battery life and fairly portable but still powerful would be ideal.

I'd need windows 7 or 8 included and a DVD drive. I live in the UK but I can look up your suggestions from the US over here anyway.