Best method to get TV audio to wireless headphones


Jun 17, 2009
Trying to setup a method so both my retired parents can sit together in the same living room, one can watch TV with wireless headphones while the other reads or plays on the computer.

TV is old and doesn't have anything useful for audio pass-through.

They have a Logitech Revue for watching Netflix. It has an audio optical out.
The LR will accept Bluetooth input devices but will not output to Bluetooth Headphones.

This is what I came up with so far:

Purchased a Vizio 5.1 Sound bar system. Turns out this will take Bluetooth input from mobile devices but will not output Bluetooth to Headphones. However it does broadcast Wireless HD Audio (tm) to the subwoofer and the surround sound speakers.

Vizio does have a set of $150 headphones that work with Wireless HD Audio. But I can't find anyone that makes cheaper alternatives. I'll probably look for some used ones on eBay.

Anyone know of cheaper Wireless HD Audio headphones? Is this standard proprietary to Vizio?
Anyone know of a inexpensive sound bar or home theater system that outputs to Bluetooth headphones? (If I just go with a pair of Sony wireless headphones, I'm pretty sure the only way to add more headphones would be to add more wireless docks. And I suppose there could be crosstalk issues, right? And I don't think the Sony docks accept optical audio. Is there such a thing as an optical audio to RCA jacks adapter?)

Any input is appreciated.
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