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Nov 21, 2018
Your smartphone makes an ideal tool for jotting down notes, reminders, checklists and sudden brainstorms. Check out the best mobile note taking apps for Android and iOS.

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Jul 11, 2022
My short term memory is shot.

Someone’s name. An appointment. An entry code you just told me. A task. A temporary password. A house number. A price. A song title. A discount code.

That I just saw or heard or that just popped into my head.

By the time I have found a scrap of paper (So many scraps of paper!) and pencil or opened the right app and selected the right folder and a title and set a reminder and decided who to share it with - or have just walked up the stairs - I have forgotten what it was!

Instead, I now tap just TWICE on my phone and instantly write it down or tap three times and dictate it. Done!

Your phone won’t forget and you can, if you wish, at your leisure, later copy or file it to another, slower app with more features.

It’s just an (almost) infinitely long single sheet of “paper“on your phone. Like a blackboard or whiteboard.

Simple is good! No thought required!

My memory replacement!

It’s an app called Zipnote and ( strangely?) it’s almost unique in its simplicity and efficiency.
I have no connection to the developer but am obviously keen for lots of people to use it so the developer keeps it updated. And I think you will find it helpful.

At the risk rambling on, I’ll also say that I use it to prepare draft copies of about everything. Before I fill in the complaints form to my energy company, I first type my words of wisdom/invective into Zipnote and then when I hit the wrong button or the site times-out, I just re-paste from my Zipnote draft.
Or, to paste in a long, detailed Messenger message. (Those tiny boxes!)
Or, when reading a long article, I copy and paste several key bits of text into Zipnote as I read so I don’t need to keep the whole article.
Or, a place to drop the text I copied from a photo.

(I believe that it’s also available for Android but can’t verify this.)