Best phone carriers of 2020

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Oct 11, 2020
While a lot of this is correct, you missed some huge points.

Verizon currently only has a 2% market depth penetration for 5G, making them the slowest provider to get 5G out as well as farthest behind.. They are slow because they are a CDMA network (as Sprint was) and the architecture for the network is closer to GSM (At&t and Tmobile) than CDMA.

T-Mobile put Sprint out of their misery being on the bring of bankruptcy by buying them out, so they don't have to solve the CDMA as they still to this day could not make calls and use data at the same time! Now T-mobile has to figure out how to put all of Sprints wireless spectrum and integrated with their network. The bad part is they assumed all of Sprint's debt as well, so now they have to try to keep up with Verizon and At&t weighed down by debt as well. But hey, and least Sprint didn't fall into a too big to fair category with the US Government. Amirite?

I'm not saying these other companies don't have debt too, but I am saying that Sprint's debt is a crushing debt and should be factored in as its in a LOT of peoples best interest that Tmobile does well as a lot of palms have been greased to insure it.

At&t, according to and Ookla is the fastest network on average in the nation, and Speedtest has been the speediest bar for decades! They also have had two services, At&t Call Protect and At&t Mobile Security, that have been getting rid of spam calls for years before T-mobile even thought of this idea.

There is also no mention of Dish Network, and how the tmobile deal came into play in the first place. For fear of making this run long, I will leave you all to do your research.

I am saying all of this to say this piece reads as a piece written off of potential of networks, and not of well researched current facts. This piece should be valid in seven years or so, but there were obviously certain carriers who were not properly researched, or tech trends properly measured. Please do better. Thanks.

In case you're wondering, if this evolves into a piece regarding current state and not a potential piece, between At&t's Firstnet commitments and government required investments in their network, Verizon coverage getting smaller as VoLTE evolves, and T-mobile's lack of rural market coverage, this is all kind of a no brainer. At&t is winning the day currently and should for at least the next 4 years.
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Oct 6, 2016
For the Straight Talk section, the statement "now that you can use SIM cards tied to specific networks for Straight Talk's service" was included. Now? I'm curious to better understand this comment because my experience with ST (goes back to at least 2016) is that they have always used carried-tied SIM cards and you had to choose the correct one when activating a BYO device.
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