Best settings on Vizio sound bar connected to Vizio Tv and Directv

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Feb 16, 2018
I have Vizio sound bar and smart Vizio Tv along with Directv. It works. However, I’m struggling to se the audio settings such as bass and treble. Also I see people talk about having both the tv and sound bar volume on together stimulating... how does that work? Do they both match at the same time ?
The bass and treble adjustments are of minor use on a soundbar. If you want more clarity you can turn the treble up a litle but if you turn the bass up it usually muddies the sound. A subwoofer is needed to really add bass.
Most TVs won't let you turn on the internal speakers and turn on the audio output to the soundbar. Usually sounds worse but no harm in trying it if the TV allows it. You may not be able to adjust the volume of both with the same control though.
It's more common for soundbars to try to simulate a boomy loud HTS than provide better clarity on dialogue and more detail.
Aug 1, 2018
The Vizio sound system remote controls everything if you would like to change the setting on the sound quality you can press the menu button and scroll through the options and when you get to the sub, treb, etc you can press the left or right arrows to raise or lower the sound levels there are led indicators on the sound bar that will let you see the level be raised or lowered when the sound is centered you will see two led lights in the middle of the led display on the sound bar and from there it will go up or down 1led at a time
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