Best sub £400 laptop to suit my needs?


Jan 26, 2014
I need atleast 4 hours battery life whilst browsing and word processing, 1080p display and preferably a (low capacity) SSD. I might also use it for light MMO gaming and maybe some Skyrim. I can't go over £400, since my budget is actually £350 but I don't mind spending a bit more.
For that price you are looking at laptops like dell inspiron 13 or the asus transformer t series. Gaming will be out of the question for this price as you need around £600 to play skyrim.


Dec 8, 2013

How though? i3-6100H/U with Intel Iris HD 520 onboard graphics is in his price range should run Skyrim. He's like ''maybe some Skyrim'' indicating that It's not like it should run at 60 fps with the highest possible settings.

Here an option. Maybe there is a better one available, but I don't know of a good search engine for specifically finding a laptop with the right specs. It doesn't seem to exist in UK/US.
The reason I said that is that skyrim is a cpu intense game. Also I worry about the cooling for laptops that are not designed for gaming as they maybe able to play the game when the laptop is new but will get worse as time goes on. I always say, buy a hardware device that is designed for something and not everything. The laptop you have is great if all he want to do is the basics but I feel that it will last a lot longer if he didn't play any games and saved up and then bought a gaming laptop which is designed for it.