Best Suited earphone for nokia C5


Aug 3, 2010
I have nokia C5 , the bundled earphone with it is cheap. So i'm thinking to buy a new one i searched net and i found good earphones for my budget less than Rs.1k are creative EP-630(900rs) and soundmagic PL-11(550rs) . So which one to buy ?
pl11 has 12ohm impedance whilst ep630 has 16ohm . So less impedance makes more current drive and get good sound ? Does difference in sensitivity make count for SQ?

Earphones which i buy must suite my phone , i mean gives long playback without draining battery much. I checked my friend's i-pod earphone with my phone , the SQ is worst . But its good on i -pod. So sound source is important and must be compitable i thought .
I need good bass and clear sound like the SE earphones and good comfort.

So please suggest me better option . You can also suggest other earphones under this budget. Thank you.


May 23, 2011

So which earphone have you bought lastly? and which earphone will you prefer me to buy?
thanks in advance :)


Oct 15, 2007
the best 'suited' earphone for your phone would rely on two important factors:
1. the impedance of the device
2. the impedance curve of the device

sensitivity doesnt always translate to higher sound quality.
a speaker can sound a massive amount better with a lower sensitivity in the specifications.
i think as the quality of the sound goes up, it will bring the sensitivity up.. but as the quality continues to get higher, the sensitivity will go back down.

high sensitivity usually means the speaker can do one thing really good.
but, speakers are demanded to do more than one thing at a time when music is playing.. and when you stack the ability to do something really good on top of eachother, the sensitivity goes back down as the signal grows confused from all of the available abilities.
a high sensitivity simply means the electricity goes in and gets an audio response extremely quickly.
and that isnt always the best thing.

if you know anything about tcp data transfering, then you know about the MTU function.
or even the number of packets sent before acknowledgements are sent back.
the longer the wait, the more you receive.
it is the waiting that will bring the sensitivity of the speaker down.

but beware, some speakers have a low sensitivity and they are only good at doing one thing really bad.
they are like the exact opposite direction you said you wanted to go.

another example of when waiting can provide bigger/better results..
a car that has a higher stall torque convertor.
if you want to make the car go forward faster from a stop, you could tell the transmission to wait before the tires start to spin.
as you are waiting, the engine rotates faster = more power.
once the power builds up, then the torque convertor starts to spin the tires.
the result is much more rotational force when you begin rolling from a standstill.
although, some cars might simply spin the tires easier (or more often) if there isnt enough traction.

really hard to say what the little amplifier inside the phone enjoys best.
if you wanted to make an educated guess.. you need to look at lots of different earphones and take note as to what their impedance is.
gather an average and of course try one with lower, and again with higher than average impedance to see what sounds better and maybe which one helps save the battery life the most.

maybe high or low is the wrong choice and you need to stick to the average 'middle' impedance.
cant know without knowing the amplifier of the phone.
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