Best way to setup audio for cheap


Feb 2, 2015
The goal of the setup is to have one 3.5m to go to my PC.

I have some basic PC stereo speakers that output 3.5m and are powered

I also have an old yamaha yst-sw150 powered subwoofer

Now my current cringy stepup is to plug the sub into the back of the pc, and the speakers in the front. To switch to headphones I just unplug and switch.

I realize a audio receiver would fix my problems, but I don't have the money to bail out on that.
This system used to work, but my ghetto spliced old speaker wire to 3.5m from a pair of old headphones, has seemed to stop working. Shocker.

I have a couple pair if headphones and it would be nice to have one output to plug into my PC instead of constantly unplugging and plugging back in.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
You could build on of these and use it in reverse.
or buy something like this
or use any AV selector.
These use RCA plugs instead of 3.5mm plugs but would work fine too. You would only use the audio part